Although the most popular kind of our claims are traffic related, there still are a lot of other ways that people find themselves hurt and injured on everyday basis. Some of the ways include tripping accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, nursing home abuse, burn injuries, etc. If you were injured due to the carelessness or negligence of somebody else, you might be entitled to get compensation. Local injury lawyers might include economic losses like lost earnings and medical expenses along with non-economic damages like pain and sufferings, embarrassment and humiliation.

Common Claims Include:

Slipping, Falling And Tripping – these kinds of accidents occur quite often and can occur on government, commercial, or residential property. In a few instances, the property owners may be held accountable for your injury if the accident happened due to a dangerous condition like poor lighting, torn carpeting, a wet floor, ice and snow, etc.

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  • Dog Bites – The dog owner will be held responsible if their dog caused injury, no matter whether the owner thought that their dog was hazardous or not.
  • Premises Liability – The property owners could be held accountable for dangerous conditions like a deck or porch that collapsed, escalator injuries, swimming pool accidents, inadequate building security, amusement park accidents, water leaks, fires, flooding, chemicals or toxic fumes that lead to injury.